Friday, 13 March 2015

Bank to the Future 2 and 3

Bank to Future website is now active again - well it has one pitch from Spanish company First Vision. BTTF is now a HK registered company and a Cayman Islands regulated company. Is their such regulation? The UK version seems to be forgotten. On the site it states that it takes people's security very seriously. So how is it selling ECF in the UK without a current FCA license?

The site sneakily refers to a FCA proxy licence it had through Crowe Clark Whitehill in 2012 - for a different site by the same name. Checking the FCA Register, BTTF had two different proxy licences in 2013 both for just a few months. Since then they have had no FCA accreditation. Its a simple lie as this current BTTF site is run by a company in the Cayman Islands, not one registered in the UK. See our post on the FCA to find out what they are doing about this!!

How many sequels did the film get away with?

One assumes this might have something to do with the UK not giving BTTF a Banking Licence as per this ridiculous article by Cap Gemini -

Rumour is that Dixon and his family have moved to Hong Kong - owing many small self employed business people in the UK thousands of pounds. BTTF were taking money up front from them for their 'incubator' programme before they launched pitches on the BTTF site. These pitches were never launched as the site went dark but Dixon kept the money and legged it.

Bank to the Future Bitcoin, which has never traded, has been closed.

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