Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Bank to the Future - an equity crowdfunding site featured here -  has just filed 2014 accounts, showing a loss of £110k on very small activity and revealing that claims that the company had raised hundreds of thousands for itself through ECF are just not true.

Simon Dixon who runs this shambles has a long history of making things up. Bank to the Future is no longer active in the UK, he moved the operation off shore when he couldnt find an FCA badge to stick on his site. Its last venture run from Hong Kong with Spanish company First Vision, has gone nowhere and the site now shows a new pitch with the looney Max Keiser and some Bitcoin scam. If you invest in this project you get a free 'signed' copy of Dixon's rather old book - you can guess the title. Now that's a real ROI. 

This guy was at one stage a founding member of UKCFA - the industry body. They asked him to move on. His Linkedin site is well worth a read.

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