Friday, 24 July 2015

Take cover, here comes more nonsense from Crowdcube.

A new pitch on Crowdcube is not quite what it seems.

Holly and Beau design a range of kids 'colour changing' rainwear. Its a start up with potential but not the way this pitch puts it.

A quick Google search reveals a major competitor in London who has already been trading since 2009. Whilst small, SquidLondon Ltd's accounts are not too shakey and the product is just as good as Holly and Beau's. Whats more they have ranges for kids and grown ups.

So why we have to ask do Holly and Beau pretend they have somehow reinvented the wheel and are the only people on the planet who know how to create this product. It simply is not true. I suppose the clue is on the fact that they have not applied for and have no patent. There maybe room for more than two in this sector but at least be honest and up front about what you are offering. No its not magic and no you did not create it.

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