Thursday, 30 July 2015

We are offering entrepreneurs a free equity crowdfunding capital raising advice service.

Over 60% of pitches that try to raise crucial funding on sites like Crowdcube fail. This effects personal morale, the business and wastes a lot of valuable time and effort. We believe we can help.

We have intimate experience in the UK equity crowdfunding market since its inception in 2011. We have invested in, studied and followed over 200 businesses that have pitched on Crowdcube and other platforms  - some successful and some not. We know how to create a successful pitch and more importantly we know how to create a successful and honest pitch. We don't use gizmos and slight of hand - we just present the case in the best possible way for the Crowd to want to be enthused and for the investment to be a success for both entrepreneur and investors.

Equity Crowdfunding will only work long term if both entrepreneurs and investors win. The current wisdom as expounded by the likes of Crowdcube, is that the entrepreneurs should do all they can to con the Crowd into investing - read the blogs to find out how. We dont believe this is sustainable and it will eventually lead to ECF's demise. Its obvious why this has come about - the platforms only make money out of successful pitches, irrelevant of the likely success of the businesses. So help us change it.

Our experience covers successfully founding a retail chain in 1980s and 90's, running a national events company in the trade and consumer markets and consulting for a variety of SMEs and start ups. A Cranfield MBA completes the icing on the cake.

So any would-be entrepreneurs wishing to raise money via equity crowdfunding should contact us for a free discussion and if you wish, free review of your business. From this we can assess if you are ready to ECF ie will it have a good chance of success. If we help with the creation of the ECF campaign and it is successful, only then do we take a small % of the money raised.

Simply go to the contact us page and let us know that you are thinking of using this route for funding and we will be able to help you. 

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