Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Brewdog's positivity might just give you the hangover. Drink responsibly.

So will Brewdog be able to raise its £25m via Crowdcube?

Brewdog were self crowdfunding but it seems that the target of £25m may have been a little too far out. They raised the first £5m in weeks but then only another £3m in the 3 months to August this year. Of course you wont hear them talk about this  - their positive energy jive is all consuming.

On Crowdcube now they have a double offer - equity and or a fixed rate bond. The bond is raising £6m and the equity seems to going for £25m although it is all a little unclear. There is no 'target' as with mere mortal's CF pitches, just a number of investors. Presumably this is to protect against any ridicule if the barrels turn out to be empty.

The company is the UK's fastest growing food or beverage company and made operating profits of almost £4m in 2014. There is no dount about its success to date but what about the plans for the future and the valuation being offered today to investors. The company is already valued at around £300m in terms of this offer, or a staggering 100 times earnings.

Still with phrases such as 'crazy awesome' being used by the founders to highlight their positivity who knows what will happen.  

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