Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Crowdcube again shows why investors are becoming increasingly hesitant to believe them.

Plus Ca Change!!

New pitch, new set of misleading information.

The opening remarks of Crowdcube's Fashion For Change pitch states ''Isla is an experienced entrepreneur'. The vagueness and the fact that she never mentions what experience she has, rings alarm bells.

And hey presto those boys in the DD room at Crowdcube have been asleep again. This woman has no experience of building a successful company - none, nada. She has been involved in 5 in total - all of them dissolved with 3 never trading and the other two hardly breaking into a walk. It's just paff.

Now this is not  large enterprise but if you are going to claim something you really should be expected to prove it. It's just another example of shoddy unprofessionalism on Crowdcube's part. It will lose them investors. It will eventually lose them their business.

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