Monday, 21 September 2015

Crowdrating is utter garbage

Crowdrating has reviewed the company we reviewed in the post below - Eat Well Play More.

This is their considered view of the CEO and CTO's experience - ''The CEO and CTO have formed businesses before and while neither have achieved a successful exit, both have amassed significant experience running these companies''

This CEO, Oliver Pugh, is the guy we described as having set up 6 companies, only one of which traded and even that was for a very short time with a tiny turnover. The CTO is Spanish and has no record of starting or running any companies. How in God's name is that experience of anything apart from applying to

As we said before these guys at Crowdrating are just leeches.  Avoid.

ps - we notice that Crowdrating have declined to rate Brewdog. It has been generally agreed in the press that their equity offer on Crowdcube is too hot and the lack of support for it seems to confirm this. So why have they not commented, could it be Brewdog have enough fire power to sue?

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