Monday, 14 September 2015

Just Park anywhere.

We wrote about JustPark a while ago, as their customer ratings appeared to have been fiddled.

Fiddled as in there were over 1000 reviews but the vast majority of these were from a very short period and were all 5 star. Most of the remainder were naturally spaced out and were very poor.

Anyone who invested in this outfit through Crowdcube should take a look at this - The last year has seen mainly 1-3 star reviews and yet the overall rating here is still 5 star because of the nuanced block of 5 star 'reviews'.

We think the problem may be that the people offering their spaces are not really too bothered by the level of service they offer  - why would they be, they just offer the space to JP and expect them to do the rest. Justpark have absolutely no control over this crucial issue - their parking customers' interface with the parking space and owners of that space. Angry customers do not make a multi million pound business.

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