Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Great Diving Beetle is upon us.

We love ponds but some of the life in them is not too desirable. The Great Diving Beetle and its larvae for example, will extinguish all other pond life if you let it - attacking and consuming creatures 4 times its own size.

Out of the blue recently we were approached via email about a new business trying to raise money via its own crowdfunding campaign. So we thought we should check it out.

Unquoted claims to be a new way of building trust in what is fast becoming, lets face it, the murky world of equity crowdfunding. That sounds like a great idea and they are offering the first 500 investors who put in £200 each, a very large slice of the company.

The only slight problem we have with this outfit is that its previous incarnation - Unquoted Limited is in liquidation with money owed to shareholders and trade creditors of around £500k. This position had been achieved before any accounts were due to be filed. What's more, the name of the company was changed to Unquoted Realisations plc, 5 days before it was put into liquidation, which strikes us as nothing if not odd.

The team they claim to have comprises the same two who were involved in the now waiting to be liquidated company.

Caveat emptor my brave investors  -  into the the pond with you!

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