Saturday, 3 October 2015

Earlybird now bribing punters to invest

Really Crowdcube cannot get any more ridiculous than this.

Early Bird are trying to raise money on Crowdcube for the second time. The pitch has gone poorly, mainly because the projections from the first raise have been missed and they are over valuing their company.

So the pitch reached time up today with under half the money raised but as usual with CC, it's been extended. Two days ago we posted that the company were offering free food for life if you invested, now they offering free tickets to Glastonbury and free food.

How can Crowdcube make any claim to be offering a serious grown up service with this type of pyjama business?  If this company wants to raise capital then it should offer investors a deal that makes sense and show that they can really build a solid business. Attaching tacky sales gimmicks to their shares is truly pathetic. Mind you, it rather sums up Crowdcube.

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