Sunday, 18 October 2015

Trust me Im your online GP

It's always worth checking the claims made in ECF pitches, especially if they are on Crowdcube.

Skin Analytics have a new melanoma detection service. All good so far.

They have chosen to team up Vitality Health - an off shoot of the Pru Insurance Group and a company that has recently launched an online GP service. SA think this a is brilliant  move on their part. We are not so sure.

Checking out the Vitality service, its reviews stink. 2 out of 10 on Trust Pilot, 1.5 on itunes, 2.5 on NHS,2.5 on Android Apps and so it goes on.

So if you are investing in this business, do a little homework into how they will manage to market their service as it doesnt look likely to be through Vitality GP.

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