Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Why did Braveheart ditch Crowdcube for Seedrs?

Crowdcube announced their new partnership with Braveheart in November 2014 - together they were to launch a new investment fund based on ECF.

However only a few months later in April 2015 Braveheart, having already announced the first four companies they were investing in from the Crowdcube stable, suddenly changed horses; ditching Crowdcube for Seedrs.

We havent been able to find any explanation - The Crowdcube machine closed in as it always does on its failures and Braveheart simply talked of Seedrs being the best run ECF platform. This does imply that Crowdcube is not being well run but we knew that.

So in the space of 4 months in which nothing in the landscape changed, the team at Braveheart executed a fundamental volt face. Surely the evidence was there for them all along.

As you might expect, Braveheart's share price nose dived to a level where it remains today.

We would love to know if anyone has the reasons for this move.

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