Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Why Seadog take two is a bad idea

Monty Hall's Seadog Productions tried to raise ECF in the summer - it was not a great success. Now he's back.

We have one question for Monty - why if this is such a good investment opportunity have you and your fellow founders not put a single penny into the company? If you dont want to lose your money why would we?

And why is he charging Seadog for use of his services at £40k pa and use of his other company's (Monty Halls Ltd) equipment? Monty Halls Ltd according to Monty owns a Dive Boat, two filming drones and two HP vehicles but the fixed assets of the company were only £25k in Feb 2015 with little cash and even less profits. 

Its a nice little earner for the team - if productions materialise - but its not an investment opportunity for outsiders. Go on Kickstarter and raise £50k, put 50k in yourself and raise another £50k from F&F.

One investor has put in £60k  - so this must either be Monty's dad or a raving lunatic.

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