Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Investden get heavy on us

Below is a message we received today from the CEO of Investden

Dear Rob Murray Brown, 

 InvestDen takes issue with your suggestion of missellng in your blog posted 7 February 2016. The email titled "Last 12 Hours" which went out exclusively to our member club was correct at the time of publication and was fair, clear and not misleading. You fail to mention the subsequent email to our members which detailed the extension to this campaign. We subsequently extended the deadline beyond the last 12 hours, based on our discretion and in collaboration with the members of the Horse Co, and at the request of some of our members (as we are entitled to do pursuant to the terms). For the avoidance of doubt, the pitch closed (meaning that funds were prohibited from being taken ) in line with prescribed timeline of our last email to our members. You should really present all of the facts to your readers as in this instance you have grossly misrepresented the fact scenario. We also take issue with the difficulty in posting a response to your blog and the fact that it requires "approval" from an administrator. It is very hypocritical on the basis that you are trying to create a transparent dialogue with the marketplace. I trust you will immediately (a) post our response; (b) include the full facts; (c) publicly retract and apologize for your misstatement of facts. Failure to take action before 5pm today will result in the commencement of legal proceedings against you. Matt Novak

Here are the full facts..................................

On the 4 Feb at 3.18pm Invetsden members received an email alert saying that there were only 24 hours left to invest in the horse. On the 5 Feb at 1.36pm another similar alert was received, stating that there were only 12 hours left. This appears in our blog. 
Then on 7 Feb at 8.16pm yet another email was received stating that 'due to popular demand' the pitch had been extended for another one day. On the 7 Feb the live pitch on the platform stated that it had another 8 days to run.
The pitch has now closed having failed to get over 37% of its funding.
It is worth noting for total clarity that Mr Novak is a Director of both Investden and the horse pitch.
None of what is stated above contradicts anything we have said before but if we have misled people in anyway we do sincerely apologise. We have not accused Investden of misselling but merely posed the question about the tactics used to promote this pitch. We came to no conclusion. We leave that to readers.
We have obliged Mr Novak by going to some lengths to pull together the dates and information above. Exact timings on the emails may not be accurate as this will depend on computer settings and the times given are those of the messages being received.

We are completely open about posting responses to our posts - we have to have some control as we have had many 'comments' which are just spam links to selling sites - we have to be able to delete these. 

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