Monday, 8 February 2016

FCA on a busy afternoon.

Can this really be true -

In a piece in The Sun today, Kelvin Mackenzie accuses Crowdcube of mass manipulation of their ECF platform.

We have been saying this a while but only have limited evidence - the case of Waterbabies for example.

The Sun has now accused Crowdcube of drip feeding campaigns with 'investment' which is in fact money raised beforehand and provided by the company pitching. This continuous 'investment' ensures the pitch remains at the top of the pile and looks active. The Crowd will then be persuaded to have a go as everyone else is. Only problem is that 'everyone else' is a fudge - according to Kelvin.

We know that Crowdcube play games and have a reputation for pushing regulations to the extreme but this really would be catastrophic for their credibility if its was true.

Anyone with any evidence should step forward now.

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