Sunday, 21 February 2016

Pip and Nut provides much needed cheer for Crowdcube

This may well be the success story from nothing that we have all been waiting for.

Pippa Murray started out like all great entrepreneurs in her kitchen. She has come a long since then.

Back in October 2014 she raised £120k for 20% of the company, which makes a small number of nut based spreads.

This year she has just raised, another £300k in equity and £200k in debt finance. The equity, via a private placing, seems to have been sold valuing the company at around £2.25m - so a very good uplift for Crowdcube investors. Of course this isn't a real value yet - even if Crowdcube pretend otherwise. The fact that the 2014 'value' was in the reasonable range, unlike so many of Crowdcube's pitches, has allowed the business to raise more equity capital and give those investors who risked their money earlier on, some hope a ROI. So you see it can work.

Her progress has been impressive and listings now appear secure with pull through demand.

Will she make the final goal - exit?

How long it will take for this niche product to be snapped up by a large brand remains to be seen but you have to applaud a success story when you see one.


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