Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Crowdcube fantasy

Wow. What a week. 
We were really excited to have seen five pitches fund over five days. 
So which pitches have funded this week?
– Seek & Adore – £70,000
– Front Up Rugby – £121,480
– iNeed Limited – £40,000
– Marine & Auto Security Solutions – £115,800
– LandBay Capital – £50,000
We came across this fantastic example of Crowdcube PRing on the web - from 2013, which was a good vintage for Luke Lang.

Would you like to know where these companies are now?


Seek and Adore  - bust

Front Up - bust in a pre pack owing a lot of money to creditors but giving the founder a lovely job

I Need - still going and still making losses

MASS - this one never funded and closed - only to be reborn as something else - odd that! Wonder if that total is still in Crowdcube's figures?

Landbay - we love this one. 1 solitary investor put in £50k and the company was closed the next day to reopen as Landbay Partners who have just signed some financing with Zoopla, having raised ECf with Seedrs 3 times. They are, according to this, on the way to making a fortune -

So the one that no Crowdcube investors put money into has come good. What a cruel world.

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