Saturday, 13 February 2016

This is as good as news gets for Crowdcube investors

Quantock Brewery have just filed their accounts for YE February 2015.

In 2013 they raised over £120k on the Crowdcube platform. To be fair to Quantock they offered a deal you would never see on the Crowdcube platform now - £100k investment for 48% of the company.

Their ambitions were also far too sensible for the platform, with projections showing a small profit for this last year and steady rather than stella progress.

Well whilst the loss for 2014/15 is again by Crowdcube standards a small one, it is another loss and now the bottom line is in the red.

We suppose that at some stage in the very distant future the 130 investors might see some of their original investment back or then again probably not.

One interesting feature in what was otherwise a strangely sensible 2013 Crowdcube pitch, was the statement that investors would get dividends from free cash before the exit in 3 years time.

Ho Humm - aren't mirages wonderful to look at.

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