Saturday, 30 April 2016

Powervault is yet another Crowdcube success that is returning for more cash.

Powervault raised £150k in 2014 on Crowdcube. They raised another £700k in 2015.

They are now looking for another £750k on a valuation of that has greatly increased despite their failure to get anywhere near to their 2014 or 2015 projections.They need to raise another £1.5m next year. Although that is only a Crowdcube projection, which almost certainly means it's wrong.

In 2014 the plan was very different.

Why bother with these projections and plans Crowdcube? They are merely an amuse-bouche with no relevance to the business they are tagged to.

Looks like the good investors at Crowdcube are desperate to throw away all their cash as this one is just about to complete.

Crowdcube are re writing the business manual. Mind you, they said that about CDS's!

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