Monday, 23 May 2016

Is Nicola Horlick having a laugh?

We cant make out Nicola Horlick.

She is apparently a director of a new jewellery company called Twelve London, which is raising money on Crowdcube.

Actually we might rephrase that. She is a director of Twelve, which is currently in the running for the wooden spoon when it comes to raising money on Crowdcube. Pretty well zero interest and only a few days to go.

In the pitch headline, Nicola is a major feature but what really does she know about retail or jewellery? Surely she cannot be brilliant at everything?

This company has no product, no trading record, no website and no support, Still it has been 'valued' at over £800k  - now that has to be a joke.

£100k will make its first range, build its website and get it sales. That also has to be a joke.

Oh and Nicola doesnt have any shares in the company, which doesnt appear to have had any investment at all to date.

By the way Nicola, whilst we are talking about you and ECF,  we are still awaiting news on the Glentham Film Fund, the one you funded through Seedrs..  How is that going?


  1. Glentham is disaster movie itself in the making, alongside NH's other film ventures, the three Derby Street Films EIS companies set up to pay crazy money to US scriptwriters to write scripts for some turgid sounding film ideas. The only film to get made so far in 2014 was the atrocious In The Blood, a straight to DVD flop. It would be an insult to B Movies in general to call it a B Movie.

    1. We could save on script costs and just film it as a documentary. Wondering how much time NH is spending on Glentham if she's coming up with other distractions instead.

    2. You have to wonder about the creativity of people who name their companies after the street where the office is based...and creativity is quite important in films!

  2. Interesting! Had a look online. Nicola Horlick does seem slightly off with her predictions. According to the Blood Mountain production was provisionally slated for India in the fall of 2013. Arabian Knights..."Depending on cast, we're hoping to get this into production by the fall of 2013." Queen of Diamonds..."production scheduled for the end of 2013 or early 2014." Deja vu for Glentham investors?

    From an article in the Independent, "Derby Street will not necessarily have to work with the greatest producers in the world...but producers who have a strike rate of 80 per cent making it into a movie. If something gets made, the investors get paid." Well maybe they should have backed better producers with better projects!

    Horlick says "We bring something to it because we understand about building portfolios, diversification, we're spreading the money across projects, we're mitigating risk. All of our portfolio management skills come in to it." As of December 2015 the first Derby Street film company had £293 cash left and seems to have written off £730k of its work in progress to the P&L account, makes you wonder if the remaining work in progress has value. This is the company that developed In The Blood, so where did the income from that go? Did they reinvest in more projects even when the 2nd and 3rd EIS companies have not spent all their funds (something they have to do within a set period for EIS compliance). That's not very good "portfolio management skills" if the only income so far has been spent.