Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Crowdcube funded Airlander fails to take off.

We recently posted good news about the Airlander - it had manged to leave its hanger. Now the bad news. It didnt manage to fly. 

According to Crowdfund Insider here technical problems - maybe it cant fly?  - were responsible for the failure. Well the problems were unlikely to be pastoral.

Now the weather is too severe. Eh? It's calm and sunny outside my window. What conditions does this bird need? 

One to watch.

NEWS - today - 17 August - the Airlander did take off - here - as we said one to watch. 


  1. i think its fair to say the birds have a Crowdcube allergy!! As all the birds associated with CC are not taking of - first Earlybird snacks now airlander!

  2. Not to forget Odyssey

  3. what is the use of this thing? They say it goes 100 MPH, but in a 90 MPH following wind ok,,,,,but no, 100 MPH you have got to be joking,,,,what can it lift, well it starts at practically zero thanks to the Helium,,,,,,but you need a lot of thrust for lift.......so I cannot see it....
    anyway, if it was any good the septics would have kept it and they didn't so it is a dead duck / dodo in my opinion...

  4. Yeah, so Elon Musk does Space X and creates a spaceship that can deliver its payload to the atmosphere and come back to earth and land on its feet a la thunderbirds and we come up with this.

    Its like he's built the Millenium Falcon and we have made a 1970's Milkfloat.

    Except we didn't even make it,,,we bought it from the American's because they can't find any practical use for it - oh my god, how crazy is this.....

    I will eat my hat if this business flies.....although secretly, I am enjoying it...this is the largest and most fitting of Crowdcube's White Elephant's and I am just waiting for it to go pop....

    Oh I wish I was a journalist - this just provides the perfect script

  5. In fairness to Airlander, they got it flying the following day, there is a video on the BBC website showing the flight. I do struggle to see how they can make a commercial success of this. But good luck to them.

  6. This is hot off the press - and may give you a bit of a giggle:


    This was the best part:

    A spokesman said: "The flight went really well and the only issue was when it landed."

    You would have thought that a safe landing was a pre-requisite of a successful flight?

    ....and you thought Luke Lang was good at PR spin....

  7. interesting that the Crowdcube pitch was different to what is actually being reported in the press. CC pitch was that this lot bought it off the americans to develop...uk press says they were designing it for the americans. americans funding then got cut mmmmmmmmmm,,,,,,yes out of 1 trillion per year in defense spending they couldn't afford this - and then Hybrid air solutions took it over.....anyway, I still don't believe it does 80 knots and as the chap on ITV intonated,,,,what is the real use of it...