Monday, 8 August 2016

Desperate Darren Westlake bending things on Radio 4's World at One today

Where will it all end?

Desperate Darren was today smoothing his way around a short interview about Fintech on the Beeb's WatO.

Asked how investors are protected from  possible fraud, Darren tried what is to us a new ploy - he stated that getting onto Crowdcube and joining is really very hard.

Sorry but that is total utter tripe Darren and you know it is. You make it as simple as possible -  tick box quiz lasting 10 seconds is all it takes. The questions are so simple I would wager a 10 year could join - we know one who did. The real answer is - Crowdcube dont give a fig.

Then the interview went on to talk the London Distillery - did the female interviewer think to check their credentials? No. Have a look at their last accounts. Since funding on Crowdcube back in 2012, they have gone steadily down hill. That's certainly not the picture painted by the Crowdcube promoted projections they published to the public in their campaign on the platform.

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