Friday, 5 August 2016

Forum Questions prove that Crowdcube investors have no clue what they are doing

When Crowdcube members ask these Q's, its clear that their Equity Crowdfunding model does not work.

Crowdcube's model puts ease of access at its centre. How do we know this?

Well its very simple - here is a Q just posted on a current pitch  - we have altered the names etc.

Q - I assume that if I need access to my investment in your company as an emergency, then I will be able to easily get my money out?

A - Please read the company Articles of Association.

The Articles say nothing related to the question. Q clearly has absolutely no understanding of investment, companies, equity crowdfunding, company law etc etc. They should be told to go away (in a nice way). But no, the answer is clearly very ambiguous and highly misleading. The simple honest answer is NO you cant get your money out.

We come across this type of ignorance and misleading response on the forums often. We have even been approached by an investor asking us to buy their shares as they were desperate for emergency cash!!

How did this Crowdcube 'member' get through their mini 'test'? No idea but you have a very short, very easy tick box test so it is possible by pure luck. 

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