Saturday, 13 August 2016

We are sorry to announce the further delay of Airlander flight No. 1 - or any other flight for that matter

Airlander accounts are due at the end of this month. Their second Crowdcube raise projected turnover for 2016 of over £4.5 million. 

In what is becoming commonplace for Crowdcube pitches, Airlander missed its original 2014/15 Crowdcube sales projections by £1,990,000 - which we believe is a world record. Projections of £2 million were greeted with reality of £10k. 

In its second raise this year, they projected sales for 2016 of over £4.5m - YE November 16. As the craft has only just made its first tentative appearance outside its hanger, not in the air we must add,  this looks optimistic.

You would have thought that having missed the first projections by so far, the second attempt might prove better, but our guess is, it will be far worse. What are they selling to the tune of £4 million?

It's also worth noting that as usual the historic accounts given and verified by Crowdcube were wrong to the tune of £250,000. How is that possible?

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  1. You can't get a bigger elephant in the room than this one.

    Group of flying enthusiasts buy an airship of US Military. If it was the french it would be different but in the US they would have milked the commercial opps and if they're selling it they have found none.

    Then the enthusiasts raise 1 million to tinker.

    Next Crowdcube will be financing Steam Engines. The most ridiculous thing is the volume of cash this company thinks that it needs to get going which is 30M from what I remember.

    Its huge, it can't lift much, it can't fly in winds of more than 5 mph, I can't see why it is "green".