Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Tidy Books joins the Crowdcube queue of disppoinments

There is a consistent message here. Crowdcube funded business do not do what they state on the tin.

Tidy Books Europe raised money on Crowdcube in 2014. We had hopes after reporting a small profit in 2014 that this company might be the first to achieve figures close to its Crowdcube projections.

But no, 2015 saw a loss against a projected profit of £180k.

Oh well,

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  1. Its all a complete and utter car crash - crowdcube's reliance on market economics and the honesty of MDs to present their company's realisticallty is completely misplaced. What happens ? :

    The sales guys get the money, run the companies hard, look for more funding, go bust.

    The real MD's don't get the cash, and just have to soldier on....

    It is all skewed the wrong way and now these morons are crowdfesting, to wrapped up in their own hubris to know what they have done.

    I mean crowdcube burns through 5 Million per year, but really the cost is probably about 1/2 of what they raise....

    thus it costs about 100 Million GBP to keep the lights on at Crowdcube.

    Whree is the FCA ??? how can they let this happen