Thursday, 5 January 2017

Fact Not Fantasy Research to Follow - register now.

Well into 2017 and we are very busy working on a review of where the companies are that have funded via equity crowdfunding since 2011 - mainly the ones on Crowdcube.

This is a long and often quite tedious job but we want to be accurate so we are double checking everything. The results to date, we can tell you, are a little mind blowing!

For a while now we have been considering establishing a premium Fantasy service and this report when it comes out will not be available on the blog (parts maybe) but can be obtained by request simply by emailing us with a 'real' name and email address. 

So if you would like this information please let us know on the following email address -

Thank you


  1. Will this be free of charge or how much would that cost?

    1. We make no charge to register and this report will be free

  2. In the 'valuation' discussion on the Tutora forum: 'Crowdcube suggested that we are only the second company to return to Crowdcube that has beaten their previous forecast'