Wednesday, 11 January 2017

My Mate your Date gone walkabout and returns as Quinn the App.

My Mate Your Date, an Australian duos idea (where else would come up with such a crass name) has gone dark but shareholders via Crowdcube now have a new App version named 'Quinn'.

In one of Crowdcube;s more amusing disasters, MMYD funded not once but twice through the FCA regulated platform - the second time just over a year ago. Total raised was £240k.

Searches for the company's website have drawn a total blank and as this is very much (or was ) an internet dating site, that doesnt look too good.

However the Aussie boys behind this company seem to have come up with a new idea - an App called Quinn which apparently uses AI (Australian Intuition?) to evaluate your love life and find you the perfect partner. The Apple Store has had so few reviews since May 2016 that they dont register a rating.

There is one review there which is revealing -

Customer Reviews

Complete rubbish, app is a waste of time. 

If I could give this no stars I would. Terrible matches, drip fed at a rate of 5 a day. Quinn chat pretends to talk to you to ask you questions that will improve your matches, then after about 5 it just crashes and goes to a blank screen. Support don't even bother to answer your emails. Do yourself a favour and skip this one.

Activity on Quinn's TW and FB sites has been nil since early Summer 2016 - so not looking too promising. Their website has no press reviews under the media icon.  We sent them a message but had no reply. Does that go down as a small overseas heist?

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