Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Julia Elliot Brown's Upper St Liquidation

I have to start by confessing a very considerable dislike for Julia Elliot Brown and all those like her. Her Upper Street company liquidation reveals a trail of debts of almost £500k after the collapse of her Seedrs ECF funded shambles. It's best summed up by the liquidator who stated that he couldnt give the remaining stock away, let alone sell it.

Now there is nothing wrong with a failure, or two even. In fact you can learn far more from them than success. But to fail with such large debts and then promote yourself, as she has, as a guru of small business and start ups, whilst the corpse is still wriggling towards its final resting place, is just a little too much. And yes, you guessed it, she is in our space, promoting herself as someone to make your equity crowdfunding campaign a success. Clearly not for the right reasons!  Who needs Julia Elliot Brown when we have Seedrs and Crowdcube screwing up the sector already.

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