Monday, 3 April 2017

Seriously folks - more of the same from Crowdcube

So much to report that we have bundled all of this into one post -

Minor Figures - accounts just out - more losses although Crowdcube projections showed profits for the last 2 years. Little traction and even less cash.

Farmdrop - accounts just filed with a handsome £1.96m loss for the 12 months against a breakeven forecast. Profits for 2016/17 of over £4m look unlikely, despite the new and much needed injection of capital. Dilution a gogo.

Ethos Global and Zero Carbon Foods, Little Brew, Jam Vehicles, accounts depts on long term sabbatical.

Rough Runner - due net profits of over £400k and filed actual losses of more than £200k. Using Micro accounts but supposed to have turnover of almost £1.5m

Monii - funded less than 12 months ago and reported liquidation but no confirmation. No presence on the web.

All looking good.

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