Friday, 3 November 2017

It is time for real people power to make a difference. Get in touch with us if you have a story about Crowdcube

We cant ignore this any longer. The latest 'mistake' by a Crowdcube success when they gave SHs only a tenth of the shares they had bought; signals time for action. Things must change.

As we wrote in a recent post on Vita Mojo, the company had filed its SH01 using completely fictitious numbers and giving Crowdcube shareholders a fraction of the shares they had paid for. No one had spotted this error until we did.

That has to be wrong.

Why were Crowdcube not checking these things - the company has filed several incorrect documents at CH. 

So if you are an investor or someone who has a story about Crowdcube  - good or bad - then please get in touch. We know from comments on the blog that Crowdcube's own staff are unbelieving in the company's incompetence. Its time to get this all out there - to stop the mass of fake PR they continue to promote and to show them up for what they are. Maybe it will help them change? 

We will verify the facts and you will remain anon if you wish to be. All allegations will be put to Crowdcube before publishing.

We look forward to hearing from you. 


  1. u could write about silkfred who i think raised money on seedrs or crowdcube - hearing 25m sales and 70 employees and a raise from a VC firm

  2. Weird. The only one I can find about Silkfred is a mention two years ago. Sounds well worth an update. I think are, too. A real British tech leader.

  3. You could also write about Monzo?

  4. i believe he ment the increased valuation and the d series raise

  5. Assuming that either of the two companies that the (other) Anons refer to above go on to become great successes (and there's a huge if there) and provide crowdfunding investors with an actual exit and decent ROI, it doesn't prove the current crowdfunding model or justify how the likes of CC operate. Having worked in VC for a significant part of my career, I can tell you that early stage investors should be very nervous when a VC invests. Early stage investors will almost certainly be pushed to the bottom of the preference stack and more than likely be diluted to kingdom come in due course. CC should be ashamed of its track record to date!

  6. what about QURE on Seedrs? looks a v high valuation