Thursday, 10 May 2018

Crowdcube success Brew, a pub for tea, closes for summer refurbishment!

Brew raised £180k on Crowdcube in 2015. Now, having failed to open a second unit as planned, failed to raise more cash, they are closing the one unit they opened only a year ago for refurbishment; over the whole summer!

Does that make any sense? What did they use for the shopfit? How long does it take to refit - 5 months? Must be using Sloth and Sons - The Throw Away Slow Build Shopfitters - motto 'We Hang Around - a lot.''

Accounts are overdue and we think they will stay that way. The Crowdcube projections had them on revenues of £2.5m and net profit of £350k by now. Im pretty sure closure for refurbishment wasnt in the plans. Well done everyone. 

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  1. They have shared in the last email that they are closing the business.